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My Heart

I don't want a prince charming,
beside me happily
I just need  a strong knight,
fight for me bravely

I found you in a beautiful story
I'm gonna make a great history
A thing that I've been searching hardly
Could you please come early ?

Let me ask you something
You took me as your darling
You fill my world and say greeting
My heart has been knocking

Butterfly fly higher
Like a piece of paper
As pretty as flower
No Matter where is hater
I see you as a lover
It feels like forever
Without you it will be surrender
I'm with you in one heart's desire

My hands are dancing
My head can't stop thinking
You're really disturbing
I was wondering
I'm happy to be your special thing
Pleasee just stay here
My dear.. You know I'm waiting

--Elok Dwi Gusvita Sari--

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